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SeaCoast, The Journey



Become an Accountant, Run a Bakery, Own a Dress Shop... all career prospects I considered after graduating with a business degree (a degree which really narrows down your options...NOT!) 
So as I put best foot forward plodding across London bridge with the 50 thousand on my way to the beloved Desk, a light bulb moment hit. I am going to Make Jewellery!  Cue; SeaCoast!
After my epiphany on London Bridge it happened! I now spend my weekends in the shed working on my cool image, wearing a pair of goggles an apron and fire proof boots.
I am also super lucky as I have the best helpers in the world my number one cheerleaders - Mum and Sis. 
If you hadn't guessed already I am OBSESSED by Fossils, shells and Natural Form and many of the shells I have transformed into Jewellery have been picked up from Suffolk beaches where I grew up. All shells are handmade by me or my sister and each piece is a solid Sterling silver replica of the piece being cast. 
Because we believe in supporting small business and looking after our Planet - A (as there is no planet B), all charms are sourced from within the UK and where possible packaging is made from recycled material.  

Thank you for taking the time to read this and venturing to our website, any questions please wander over to the 'Contact Us' section. 
Much Love 
Louisa Marie (Seacoast founder) 
She sells seashells Forever 
p.s one of my favourite hobbies is to practise yoga, keeping me zen is this mega babe Laura, check her out below! 
'Connect your mind, body and soul and
check out www.yogawithlauralowe.com for information about Laura's yoga
classes, retreats and workshops